Gulf Coast Velo Memberships

If you are interested in supporting safe cycling in our area and you agree in concept with the GCV vision, we welcome you to join the GCV family.
Membership Fees |  RIDE or RACE Membership Options

Ride Membership Benefits
• Annual membership dues = $35.00 (Fee covers remainder of 2018 and 2019)
• Participation in all club events
• Special Club-only discounts from a designated local bike shop
• Exclusive GCV cycling jerseys and bibs (kits). By wearing a GCV kit, you will show others your support to create a safer cycling environment
• Supporting GCV’s efforts as a cycling advocate in our communities. Rocks in the bike lane next to a construction site? Who’s going to get a better response from the county to address the developer, a single individual or a club representing many interested residents? The bigger squeaky wheel always gets the attention of city/county officials and council members
• Opportunity to participate in good causes like Team Tony or using bicycles to help stroke recovery patients
• Provide input about the direction you would like to see the club go. GCV is a member-driven club
• Regularly scheduled weekday and weekend no-drop rides
• Riding skills and drills sessions teaching group riding etiquette and safe cycling practices…to help you feel more comfortable on the road
• Opportunities to win cycling swag in club contests
• Special fun rides on occasion (“cycling Roving Rides”)
• Presentations by some of the top legal and health experts who understand rider’s needs
• Participate in our annual meeting and election of Board of Directors
• Family friendly annual holiday party 

Race Membership Benefits

(All club racers must have a USAC race license.)
• Includes all benefits of a Ride Membership plus:
• Eligible for reimbursement of approved race entrance fees as annual CLUB budget allows

Note: Members of the race team are requested to participate in GCV race training events and must finish their race unless injury or mechanical problems are experienced to qualify for reimbursement, even if in last place…No Quitting!


Family Membership Discount:
To receive a GCV family discount, please follow the two steps below:
1. Complete Application for one individual including payment, the annual membership price will be $35.00
2. For the second individual, complete a new individual application. In the Payment Summary section, please use discount code, SPOUSE15. The annual membership price will be reduced to $15 dollars.  


As a member of GCV, you can participate as much or as little as you like. No pressure, no drama, no requirements. We appreciate any support you’re willing to offer!









If you are interested in supporting safe cycling in our area and you agree in concept with the GCV vision, we welcome you to join the GCV family.
Code of Conduct
Gulf Coast Velo, Inc., promotes/encourages the concept of saferiding and racing. All CLUB members are representing the Gulf Coast Velo brand, our vision as well as our sponsors and partners.  The Club Board can revoke one’s membership for any violation of the Code of Conduct.
  • Obey all traffic laws.
  • No reckless riding or activity that could endanger other club members or riders during any riding activity. 
  • No insulting, bullying or unsportsmanlike conduct between club members, other riders, pedestrians, or motor vehicle operators. 
  • Do not taunt anyone in a motor vehicle. If they retaliate, you and the riders with you will lose.
  • Do not leave a CLUB member who is injured or has mechanical problems with their bicycle.
  • Abide by the ride leader’s direction.
  • Do not litter while riding. 
  • Respect other’s property. 
  • Abide by all USA Cycling rules and regulations during racing events. 
  • Abide by the USADA Athlete Pledge for Clean Sport and Fair Competition
  • Use good judgement and common sense in all situations related to the club.
  • Represent Gulf Coast Velo and vision with pride.
Race Team Reimbursement


  • You must have a current-year Gulf Coast Velo race kit.
  • You must be current in your annual club dues.
  • You must have a current USAC Race license.
  • You must finish your race, even if in last place, unless an injury or a mechanical failure prevents a finish. No Quitting.
  • You must have a PayPal account to receive reimbursements.
  • You must have at least one picture of yourself at the race…we want exposure for our sponsors.
  • And finally, to qualify for race reimbursement, you must actively support GCV by participating in club activities and rides. 

Reimbursement Amount:                              
Each approved race will have a budget assigned to it. The budget will be divided equally among all club participants who are approved by the acting Race Director for reimbursement.

  • Requests for reimbursement can be made via email.
  • Race reimbursement requests must be made with-in 30 days after race event.
  • The acting Race Director has final say on who is approved and who qualifies for race fee reimbursement. 

Race Reimbursement Submission Instructions:
1. Email a reimbursement request, copy of your race photo and statement that you finished your race to

Note: In the event that the entire race budgeted amount is paid out, no further payouts will be made without Board approval.

Group Paceline Rules of the Road
  • Be predictable, over-communicate, don’t over-react.
  • Obey all traffic laws and signs.
  • Do not wear headphones.
  • Do not eat while riding in a paceline.
  • Do not use aerobars when riding in the paceline. If using aerobars, stay at least two bike lengths behind the paceline. 
  • Ride at a constant speed at all times.
  • Keep a 1 to 3 foot gap between you and the rider in front of you.
  • If you must brake, feather your rear brake gently and communicate “braking” or “slowing”.
  • Do not overlap wheels. If you come in contact with the rider’s wheel in front of you, you will crash.
  • Don’t make any sudden moves, ride smoothly.
  • If there is a gap in front of you, close it slowly.
  • If passing another cyclist is necessary, pass only on a straight away. No passing on turns. Communicate clearly which side you are passing, i.e. “on your left”.
  • If you want to stand up and pedal in the paceline, hand signal the rider behind. Standing to pedal will throw your bike back slightly and the rider behind may not be able to react if they are too close.
  • When pulling at the front of the paceline, keep your speed constant. Accelerate slowly after corners and stops.
  • Never brake when at the front of a paceline.
  • Wiggle your elbow (Chicken wing) to signal that you are moving off the front. The arm that you wiggle indicates the side that you wish the following riders to pass you on.
  • Don’t reduce your speed moving off the front until the rider behind you has begun to pull through. Look for traffic before you pull out.
  • If you are too tired to do your turn at the front of the paceline, just rotate smoothly through without disrupting the group’s pace.
  • When re-entering the paceline after a pull, begin accelerating two or three riders from the back and move smoothly onto the back of the line.
  • Listen for cars or other riders calling out “car back”. Repeat “car-back” to the riders in front of you.
  • Point or call out any debris, glass, obstacles or road hazards
  • Over communicate any actions you take when in the paceline! Others will not be able to read your mind!
  • Minors (under 18 years old) are not permitted to ride in a GCV paceline without a guardian. If a parent or guardian brings a minor to a GCV ride, they assume all responsibility for the minor.

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