About Gulf Coast Velo

Gulf Coast Velo (GCV) was founded for amateur cyclists in Charlotte, Sarasota and Manatee Counties who sought to form a friendly, member-focused, unified cycling club in our area. In GCV every member has equal opportunity to provide input and help evolve the club into the best in the area.  

Each member of the GCV Board of Directors (BOD) is elected by the club to serve a two-year voluntary term. The BOD’s duties include proper stewardship of club funds, enforcement of written club rules and communication of club activities. Members of the BOD are not entitled to any benefits above other club members.  Any club member in good standing can be nominated for a BOD position.

GCV’s vision is to advance the concept of safe and enjoyable cycling for club members by:

  • Providing ongoing health, safety and cycling etiquette information to club members
  • Organizing safe, supportive, enjoyable group rides for all levels of cyclists.
  • Giving back to the community by supporting charity events and opportunities that promote cycling’s health benefits and safe cycling awareness.
  • Acting as cycling ambassadors in our local area and news media. 
  • Building friendships, support groups and social relationships with people who share a love of cycling.
  • Participating in USAC recognized race events throughout Florida as well as non-race cycling events in SW Florida.
  • GCV abides by the USADA Athlete Pledge for Clean Sport and Fair Competition
  • Organizing training clinics with experienced cyclists and professional coaches.
  • Providing discounts on cycling products from local dealers and club sponsors.


Gulf Coast Velo Documents
If you are interested in supporting safe cycling in our area and you agree in concept with the GCV vision, we welcome you to join the GCV family.

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